Quiropráctico / Chiropractor

A combination of elements

Health is a relationship between you and your body”  Terri Guillemets

     As you have understood, health is a whole. Few times can you only focus on loose items, to get good lasting results.

True health wellness usually consists of a joint care together with you and other health professionals, which is also called multidisciplinarism. We believe in this, as we believe that we must have an eye on each of the 3 previously-mentioned components of health (structural, biochemical, and mental).

     Here in Chiropractic Centre Nicolas FREY DC, we have skills, techniques and experience for each of the 3 (structural, biochemical, and mental), but if that were not enough, we would refer you, after talking and coming to a mutual agreement, to whom seems relevant. We have been and keep on developing a network of health professionals, both conventional and alternative, as it is usually said, and we rely on it as needed.

     Then there's your part. The one where you do what is also needed to stay in good health (fair level of sport or physical activity, adequate and balanced nutritional and water intakes, as well as mental activities tailored to stimulate and relieve your system), within what's possible to you. We understand that it is not always easy, and that's what we are here for. According to the goal, the level of health you have defined with us, we will advise relevant exercises and changes to achieve it as well as possible.