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Symptomatic Vs Preventive care

Health is not simply the absence of sickness.”  Hannah Green

What is called "symptom" is a manifestation, usually physical, of a disorder, when it overcame the compensation and defensive abilities of the body.

Following this reasoning, it means that the body and the nervous system have tried to compensate and repair the underlying problems from said disorder without success, and that they try to attract our attention more acutely on this state, seeking outside help.

Often we are responsible for the development of this disorder, at least by our lack of attention to the signals that our body sends us constantly.

Symptomatic care is therefore to expect that the troubles are installed and to look first to hide the most troublesome symptoms (pain, swelling, inflammation ...), and then to act until the symptoms yield, regardless of whether the original problem, the real issue has been resolved or not.

This behavior explains the phenomenon of "relapse", by its action in short_term reaction and its low capacity to anticipate.

Conversely, there is another approach, which certainly does not eliminate the risk of disorder, but, as numerous studies have already demonstrated, greatly reduces the risks and their duration of action. It is prevention and anticipation.

In this respect, chiropractic is a system of natural care, which acts without medication nor surgery. Chiropractic care, while effective in a state of crisis, the symptomatic phase, positions itself primarily as a preventive health care and not as a sickness care, reactive and symptomatic by definition.

In Chiropractic, we believe that, as with any treatment, there are four key steps:


  1. Relief of symptoms (pain, numbness, headache ...)

  2. Stabilization (to reduce the risk of back problems)

  3. Recovery (to reinforce what has been stabilized in the previous phase)

  4. Maintenance / Wellness, which aims to prevent optimum personal health

These phases can be of a different duration from one person to another depending on the particular conditions and how long they have been present.

     We understand the freedom and responsibility of each person to determine his / her own health goal, and we fully respect that. Therefore, depending on the goal you'll set in consultation with us, we will support and advise you exercises and changes to better handle your health and yourself. This way, you can get a high level of sustainable results as quickly as possible ...